Disability Rights

Tom Clonan, Eoghan, President Michael D Higgins and Duke the dog
Tom Clonan, Eoghan, President Michael D Higgins and Duke the dog


Trinity Graduate, Academic and Journalist Dr. Tom Clonan

Vote No 1 Tom Clonan – Champion for Justice & Equality – for Seanad Eireann

‘Proven Track Record – 25 Years Fighting for Justice & Equality’

Tom Clonan and Senator David Norris
Tom Clonan and Senator David Norris

Active Citizenship as an Army Officer at home and abroad – protecting and serving the most vulnerable in the Middle East and former Yugoslavia

Fought to end Sexual Violence against female personnel in the Defence Forces as an Army Officer – 1996 – 2000

Formally recognised and thanked in November 2019 by Chief of Staff and President of DCU for Transformation of Defence Forces with regard to Equality, Diversity and Dignity in the Workplace

Tireless Advocate for Disabilities as Father and Carer to Eoghan – Who suffers from a Neuromuscular Disease

Advocate for change to fix Health, Homelessness and Housing

Chairman of the Board – Dogs for The Disabled – Transforming the lives of children and young adults with disabilities   https://dogsfordisabled.ie/

Board Member – Fighting Blindness – To Cure, Empower and Support those affected by sight loss https://www.fightingblindness.ie/

Board Member – Leonard Cheshire International – Supported independent living for the most vulnerable in society https://www.leonardcheshire.org/about-us/privacy-notice/international

Fighting for others – Fighting for Justice and Equality is in my DNA – Put me in the Seanad to help fix the problems of Health, Homelessness and Housing – for all of our citizens.

I will make sure that no-one gets left behind.

Vote me No 1 into the Seanad – And I will work with the passion of a Champion for Justice & Equality –and as a parent and carer of a vulnerable child for the rights and welfare of all Irish children and young adults with disabilities.

I am a proven fighter and an agent of change – I will fight for the most vulnerable in Irish Society.

Health and Children

I support Slaintecare as a long-term solution to the crises in our healthcare system.

I stand with GPs and Hospital Doctors and Consultants in their demands for pay restoration, pay equality – and most importantly – medical leadership in our healthcare system

As a Senator in Leinster House – I would campaign for a Constitutional Guarantee for universal access to public healthcare. We need to protect our health system from privatisation and commercialization. I am against an American-style model of health provision in this Republic

My first priority is to campaign to end homelessness for the thousands of children – including children with illnesses and disabilities – enduring life in hotels, bed and breakfasts, emergency accommodation and family hubs

I will reverse the cuts to disabled children, adults and carers – for the adequate funding of home care packages for all of our vulnerable citizens – the disabled, the elderly – so that nobody gets left behind

I will campaign for pay equality and pay restoration for all front-line medical professionals

I will fight for medical leadership – doctors and frontline medical professionals – to lead and manage our HSE

I will fight for medically-led mental health services in our communities and acute hospital settings

Social Protection

I will reverse the cuts to disabled children, adults and carers

I will fight for state-supported childcare for all of our citizens in the home and workplace and a model of state funded childcare similar to the Ecole Maternelle system in France

I will fight to end homelessness for all of our citizens – men, women and children


I will fight for more transparency and accountability within Finance

I will use the Seanad to promote social justice and equality within Irish society

Public Expenditure and Reform

I will support ongoing consensual reform of the public service

I will fight for common sense decisions and the best interests of the Irish citizen and business in all government initiatives

Agriculture Food and Marine

As the world enters a period of global flux – with conflict, fuel and food security a growing concern – I will fight to ensure that Ireland maintains its primary position and sustainability as a net exporter of food and food products.

Climate change is the pre-eminent threat to global peace and stability – I will prioritise and incorporate climate change actions into every aspect of my work in the Senate.


I will fight to maintain – at all costs – Irish Neutrality

I will fight to maintain Ireland’s unique contribution in the world of Peace-Keeping, Humanitarian Assistance and Peace-Support Operations worldwide.

I will fight to ensure that we at all times maintain a core suite of human capital, skill-sets and equipment to protect Irish freedom and to protect our citizens from man-made and natural disasters.

To this end, I will immediately support pay restoration and a living wage for all members of the Defence Forces – Army, Air Corps and Naval Service.

Justice and Equality

As the son and Grandson of members of An Garda Siochana – As a Retired Army Officer who worked alongside an Garda Siochana during the Troubles – I will work to ensure there is proper investment in our policing structures with regard to pay, training and 21st Century equipment and infrastructure.

I will fight for the ongoing root and branch reform of our policing service, its independence from politics and its proper oversight.

I will work tirelessly to restore public confidence in the Administration of Justice in Ireland.

I will advocate proper investment in an Garda Siochana to combat organised crime and drug related crime. Ireland has one of the highest rates of homicide by firearm in the EU. This drug related phenomenon needs to be targeted and brought to an end.

Children and Youth Affairs

I will reverse the cuts to disabled children, adults and carers.

I will end the warehousing of disabled adults in Nursing Home and other inappropriate care settings.

Arts Heritage and Gaeltacht

I will support all initiatives to preserve our language and unique cultural identity

In an age of globalisation, our unique cultural identity is a singular identifier that will be key to our future survival as an Island Nation

Transport, Tourism Sport

I will fight to increase the participation of and access to disabled children and adults into all aspects of the Transport (Public and Private), Tourism and Sport Sector

This priority is consistent with our required actions on climate change

Communications, Energy and Natural Resources

As the world enters a period of global flux – with conflict, fuel and food security a growing concern – I will fight to ensure that Ireland re-configure its over reliance on oil and fossil fuels to sustainable fuel sources and to become a net exporter of green energy


I will comment and critique – in plain language – the performance of the Office Holder of Taoiseach.

I will hold the Taoiseach publicly accountable – as Servant of the Irish People – to act at all times solely in the public interest.

I will ensure that our Taoiseach acts as leader for all of the people – Ireland’s strength is through diversity. The key to Ireland’s future and relevance is through diversity, immigration – a dynamic rainbow Republic within a globalised, networked world.